Pro Pot Demonstrators Take To Omaha Streets



Omaha, NE — Highly controversial and often debated. The pros and cons of marijuana draw out a passionate crowd. Demonstrators who are not afraid to light up a joint, even with cameras rolling.

Shamelessly inhaling in public. Then again, this group doesn’t believe, there is anything to be ashamed about.

“There is no reason a plant should be illegal in our country,” says Jacob Nowatzke of the Nebraska Cannabis Coalition.

The federal government says marijuana can distort perceptions, impair coordination, and make overall thinking difficult. Today, more than one hundred people gather in downtown Omaha in dispute of government reasoning.

“I think that if you go smoke a joint compared to go having a shot, I would much rather see you on the street,” says Nowatzke.

The focus, they say, is marijuana’s medical abilities and why anyone who’s sick should be free to use it.

“I don’t need to medicate with pharmaceutical drugs that make me feel nauseous or sick. It alleviates all of my symptoms of PTSD,” says Diana Wulf.


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