Cannabis Times Radio Show – May 17th

Cannabis Times Radio is back this week with LA based co-host Judd Hardy and NYC based co-host Tim Spark. Tune in for our weekly bi-coastal view on the Cannabis reform movement.

Alison Myrden is one of Canada’s first federally licensed medical cannabis patients from 1994.  Alison spent over

 a decade serving in a Position of Law Enforcement, as a Corrections Officer in Southern Ontario and in a number of different Correctional Facilities from the mid 1980′s until she retired in the Summer of 1995 due to serious health complications surrounding her life long battle with multiple sclerosis.  Alison has suffered from a violent pain in her face 24 hours a day/7 days a week, known as Tic Douloureux -”The worst pain known to medicine” for the last twenty years, associated with MS for which she was given heroin, cocaine, over 32 pills AND up to two thousand milligrams of morphine daily for almost twenty years. Alison found cannabis in the early 1990′s and her life has improved drastically ever since! Alison has gone on to become one of the most globally recognized, hardest working advocates for the legalization of not only cannabis – but for all drugs – for over two decades.  Finding the more deadly the drug, the more they needed to be regulated and legalized. Besides Alison battling her health, Alison battles the War on drugs, everyday, all over the World!  Speaking with many hats, Alison joins Cannabis Times Radio as a Speaker for LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a Speaker for LPP – Lawmen Protecting Patients.  LPP is another group run by fellow LEAP speaker Nate Bradley.  She is also appearing on the show as her own right being a very vocal spokesperson for many people like herself around the World who choose to use Natural alternatives to all of the synthetic drugs available for people with chronic and debilitating illness.  Though her own website,  The Medical Marijuana Mission, established in 1998,  Alison continues to share her vision with your help to Legalize and Regulate ALL drugs for EVERYONE in medical need AND those of age depending – all AROUND THE WORLD!

Matthew Cote, co-creator of IStrainGuide, is back this week.  Matthew is going to discuss the Purple Craze.  Many patients and cannabis enthusiasts (growers included) have somewhat of a fixation with purple cannabis.  While many people swear by the power of violet, it maybe more hype then necessary.  In this week’s segment of “Beyond Sativa and Indica“, Matthew will discuss purple, how some cultivators force their plants to purple, and why purple maybe something – but isn’t everything.


Harbor Area Caregivers Club @ 22708 South Western Ave., Torrance

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