Cannabis Times Radio Show – July 6th, 2011

Cannabis Times Radio is back this week with LA based co-host Judd Hardy and NYC co-host Tim Spark.  Tune in for our weekly bi-coastal look at the Cannabis reform movement.

Dustin Kay, founder of Cannabis Activist Hemp Clothing is welcomed to the show tonight.  Dustin was born and raised in Ogden, Utah and the surrounding areas. He just turned 30 in June. He is a big fan of art and expression and started screen printing at the the age of 17. Around 2004, an idea hit him to started his own clothing line, trademarked Cannabis Activist Clothing.  He was amazed at the response the clothes received after only a couple showings and decided to start developing the apparel in Hemp material. Within a few years, with the help of some family investments and personal savings, Dustin ordered a complete line of hemp clothing. And in December of 2008, while he was on his way to print the new hemp gear, he was illegally raided by local strike force and charged with felonious crimes that he was not guilty of. Since then he has been involved in a painstaking fight for his Freedom and our Rights. It’s been the fight of his life.  He is here tonight to tell us how it all started.  Check out Cannabis Activist Clothing on Facebook and Twitter at CannabisActivstHempClothesCannabisClothes, and HempThreadz !

Bruce L. Leach is back tonight to provide us with the latest marijuana news in Michigan.  Mr. Leach is a licensed Michigan attorney who practices General Law and Criminal Defense.  A staunch advocate for the medicinal value and benefits provided by all forms of organic medicine, Mr. Leach has recently traveled back to his home State of Michigan in order to get a close-up view of the front lines of the evolving MMJ laws.  For many years, Mr. Leach has studied various MMJ laws and related issues around the United States and it is his mission to provide a clear and thorough understanding of these issues to his private clients, government officials, and the public.  To contact Mr. Leach email him HERE!

Tim and Judd welcome back Charles “Chuck” Kwaitkowski this week to give us an update on the medical marijuana situation in New Jersey from a patients perspective.  Charles Kwiatkowski is a New Jersey resident, father and activist battling Multiple Sclerosis for 14 years.  Charles shares his concern regarding the NJ Medical Marijuana laws and how it is affecting him and his family.   Check out his blog on Twitter!

Matthew Cote, editor of Cannabis Times Magazine and co-creator of IStrainGuide is back this week with “Beyond Sativa and Indica.” This week Matthew will be reporting on the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup that took place last week. He is going to talk about the potential of these events; why this cup was special; and, mention a few of the products and winners.

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