Cannabis Times Radio Show – July 13th, 2011

Cannabis Times Radio is back this week with LA based co-host Judd Hardy and NYC based co-host Tim Spark.  Tune in for our weekly bi-coastal view on the Cannabis reform movement.

Kris Hermes, media specialist for Americans For Safe Access (ASA) joins our show tonight.  Kris brings nearly 20 years of social justice activism experience to the fight for safe access to medical marijuana. He has worked in various cities around the U.S. generating media and mobilizing people to effect change in federal and state policy on issues involving hunger, poverty and access to health care. Over the last few years, before joining ASA, he dedicated much of his time to legal activism, helping support those arrested during mass demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience. Previously as ASA’s Legal Campaign Director, Kris and the legal staff led the organization in numerous victories that have provided greater protection for thousands of patients. Hear Kris emphasize why it is important for all of us to continue our fight, get in touch with our state representatives and why citizens should not buckle under federal intimidation, now more than ever.

James Stacey, joins us from Discovery Hemp, dedicated to spreading education and awareness regarding the benefits of Hemp.  His mission is to get Hemp/Cannabis removed from the Controlled Substance Act.  Hear James tell his story about how he almost, unjustly, went to prison for life and how it inspired him to be the activist he is today.  The mission of Discovery Hemp is to educate us on how we can save our planet and rebuild our economy with Hemp.  Go to Discovery Hemp to learn more.  James also discusses last Saturday’s Discovery Hemp Music Festival that took place in San Diego.

Matthew Cote co-creator of IStrainGuide and executive editor of Cannabis Times Magazine is back with “Beyond Sativa and Indica.”

Tonight Matt discusses the topic of edibles. We’re going beyond your typical brownie and delving into the world of savory items like salad dressing, and also exploring gourmet confections that offer their medical benefits through ingredients other than cannabinoids.

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