Morgan Fox from MPP discusses current events

MPP and MPP Foundation envision a nation where marijuana is legally regulated similarly to alcohol, marijuana education is honest and realistic, and treatment for problem marijuana users is non-coercive and geared toward reducing harm.

Here Morgan FoxCommunications Manager discuss all the events.


MPP is leading the effort in Washington, D.C. to pass federal medical marijuana legislation, as well as to replace marijuana prohibition with a system of sensible regulation and control. For more information on our past and present work, visit ourFederal Policy page and take action to support our work.


MPP also works for sensible marijuana policy at the state level, and our grassroots and lobbying campaigns have changed laws. MPP is currently lobbying for medical marijuana-related bills in state legislatures in Illinois,Maryland, and New Hampshire. MPP is also lobbying to pass bills to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in Vermont and to end marijuana prohibition inRhode Island. In addition, MPP monitors and analyzes all marijuana-related bills in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.?

Reach Morgan:, / 202-905-2031

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